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Where you'll find everything from high quality signature tattoo services and works of art for your viewing enjoyment. We're also a pretty happening spot to be at for special events downtown and especially on First Friday. Come down and check us out!

About Us

With every artist having a mandatory background and interest in other mediums of art as well as tattooing, we are confident we’ll be able to create and bring to life any design you can think up. Please visit our Artists page for more about each artist and to see samples of their work.

Beyond just tattooing, though, Black Cat offers specialty services like artwork, commissioned designs, one of a kind clothing, custom painted shoes and other original creations you can only find here! If you have an idea of something you want painted or designed, please share your idea with us! If you’ve already had a great experience working with us, we’d love to hear about it! Please send us your testimonial!


Black Cat Tattoos, Event #1

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention
After attending the Transilvania Tattoo Expo in Sibiu, Romania last summer, Richie Lucero is returning to Europe for the 13th Annual International Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Availability is limited, so e-mail now to schedule an appointment.

Black Cat Tattoos, Event #2

Aloha Suits Info
We are honored to participate in Soul Signature’s “Aloha Suits - Hawaii Made” art show on February 3, 2017. Under the vision of Su’a Sulu’ape Toetu’u Aisea, we celebrate the old Hawaii through our own interpretation of art made famous in the late 1950s through the 1970s in the islands. This is a unique opportunity to view some of the best new artwork in the islands and meet the artists behind the inspiration. Please join us at the Honolulu Museum of Arts School on February 3rd as we celebrate paradise!

Black Cat Tattoos, Event #3

Vancouver Tattoo Convention
Black Cat Owners Richie Lucero & Shay Haas, along with resident artist Kai Smart and Conscious Corner owner Candace Anderson, will be attending the 8th Annual Vancouver Tattoo & Culture Show in Vancouver, B.C. Inquire with each respective artist for availability!


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