How to play video poker and what are the best slots

How to play video poker specialties

Playing video poker is very popular among the game’s fans but new players may find certain thing pretty complex and may require explanation of how everything works. There are lots of things that will have to be borne in mind in order to keep up with the gameplay process and not to be confused with the procedure. It may include the following:

play video poker
  • The layout of video poker.
  • Importance of payout whilst being at the table.
  • How to properly bet.
  • How to play Jacks or Better video poker because this is the basic combination of paying nine different hands above it.
  • Knowing the hands well and how to build it.
  • Understand the terms such as: payback (what games pay out you), house edge (percentage of what the machine will keep to itself), return (what game returns to a player).
  • What volatility stands for.
  • What random means.

In reality, when a person is getting to grips with how to play video poker, building hands is probably the most important aspect of all.

How is video poker played?

In order to quick start the game and learn how to play video poker and win, it is crucial to understand the basics of the game. The procedure is standard for almost any slot, so the following aspects have to be remembered:

  • Denomination of the game has to be chosen by making selection of icons on the screen.
  • Select poker type.
  • Commence playing a hand after an icon Play Max Credit is selected.
  • Choose and select the cards that will have to be held by selecting Hold and Cancel icons.
  • Simply select a card and hit cancel button if cancellation is required.
  • Press Hit and Draw buttons to save your cards or replace them with other cards.
  • Select Double Up when it is wished if player’s hands have winning combination.
  • Game selection should not be aggressive to reduce volatility.
  • Cards will be provided by the system randomly.

When it comes to consider how to play video poker, Texas Hold’em is usually played in most of the times.

Best video poker slots features

There are several casinos that provide outstanding conditions for video poker gameplay. All the online resources that will be recommended provide outstanding possibilities to learn how to play Deuces Wild video poker or Jokers Wild. The gameplay also provides some unquestionable advantages:

  • Gambino slots offer 100K free coins and 200 free spins.
  • WorldWinner allows to play for free and for real money as well as 500K worth of prices to be won daily.
  • VeraVegas will provide you with 25% bonus chips.
  • Slotomania offers free chips on sign up and promotions that will be offered weekly.
  • Gold Fish Casino offers daily bonuses to enjoy.
video poker

There are quite a few other online gambling resources that will provide great platform for playing video poker.

Hands in video poker

It is crucial to know the hands that exist in video poker. The payout table will be displayed on the screen in front of a player as well as the return per credit will be visible. However, an individual need to know the hands well because there will be no clue in front of the player. It goes as follows:

  • Royal Flash is when a player gets A K Q J 10 with same suite; it is highly desirable winning combination when learning how to play video poker.
  • Straight Flash is when a player gets five cards in a sequence with same suite.
  • Four of a Kind is when a player gets four cards with same rank.
  • Full House is when a player gets three cards of a kind with a pair.
  • Flash is when a player gets five cards with same suite.
  • Straight is when a player gets five cards with same sequence and different suites.
  • Three of a Kind is when a player gets three cards of the same rank.
  • Two Pairs – when a player has two pairs of different cards.
  • Jacks or Better.

The above mentioned hands have to be learnt and never be forgotten because without this knowledge playing video poker will be impossible.

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