Bitcoin poker – what are the best rooms on the internet?

Bitcoin poker – how to play the cryptocurrency?

The first analogue of the cryptocurrency – bitcoin appeared at the beginning of 2009. Cryptocurrency was known only among limited number of developers. Blockchain provides advantages for poker players:

play bitcion poker
  • online poker bitcoin provides complete anonymity – play poker with bitcoin;
  • bitcoin poker sites allow you to quickly transfer the amount of your winnings;
  • vip players can transfer any amount of winnings without restrictions;
  • online bitcoin poker provides the lowest commission when transferring winnings;
  • the blocker guarantees a high degree of reliability;
  • only playing poker with bitcoin allows you to earn huge fortune.

Bitcoin provides advantages that no currency can offer. It provides anonymity to the player, you can play poker with any amount of money – no one can forbid a player to bet on poker and withdraw it instantly to his electronic wallet. As a result, there are separate rooms on the Internet, which accept bets on the game of poker only in bitcoins.

Which rooms offer the game?

The first online poker bitcoin appeared a few years ago – PokerDom. It allows you to play and bet in bitcoins. A player can open a Bitcoin purse and place any bets. For players to notice this advantage, the site offers to participate in the lottery. In the room launched freerolls – draw 1 bitcoin (this is one of the best free tournaments). This site gathers the best poker players – thanks to the opportunity to bet bitcoin.

Other well-known sites for playing poker include –RedStar, BetOnline and PokerKing. So far, all sites allow the player to bet in bitcoin as well as in any other currency. However, these sites have one drawback – they do not work only on the basis of Blockchain technology.

Best bitcoin poker – which room should I choose?

How do I find the best bitcoin poker freeroll online? It is very difficult to find a poker room that will give the player security and anonymity. A poker room can provide security for a deal if it uses blockchain technology. You need to invest a lot of money to do this. The first poker room appeared in 2018. Sites offer 100% anonymity to the player, individual protection of funds and guaranteed no cheaters.

bitcoin poker

The first project to play poker is CoinPoker. The team of developers collected money to launch through ICO. Today, at least 200 people play in each room every day. The poker room has its own currency – CHP coins (you can buy or sell them on the exchange without restrictions). CHP coins can be exchanged for bitcoin or Ethereum. Another similar poker room is Virtue Poker. Here you can also develop your own currency.

Sites for playing poker based on blockchain technology are the future for players. Poker bets are tax free and are not controlled by the regulator. Take advantage of these advantages when placing your poker bets.

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